OQmented revolutionizes 3D sensing and displaying, for an augmented world.

We at OQmented offer a variety of MEMS-based 3D sensing and display solutions. Our modules are characterized by the unique Lissajous scan pattern and the vacuum encapsulation Bubble MEMS® technology which enable highest resolution, lowest energy consumption and smallest chip size. The combination with our proprietary electronics and software provide the opportunity for new product categories in consumer and industrial.

Illustration of Unique OQmented Features

Lissajous scanning for fast-moving
content, flicker artifact-free

MEMS-based real-time high-resolution
3D sensing


long-term reliability by
hermetic vacuum packaging

lowest power consumption

kHz-interlace frame rate

high resolution

broad mirror diameter range

compact chip size

180° scan angle

ready for volume production

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25524 Itzehoe, Germany
+49 4821 778 276

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