Bubble MEMS® for Automotive LiDAR

Bubble MEMS®

Protects the tech inside.

Because safety is non-negotiable.

Inside, an oscillating mirror plate, behind that, sophisticated electronics and software, outside, a perfectly dome-shaped seal.
Meet our Bubble MEMS®. Created through 3D glass forming technology, the bubble hermetically encapsulates our MEMS mirror such that it can swing in a vacuum and is completely protected from environmental influences.
Humidity, dust, vibration or shock, they are no threat to our Bubble MEMS®.
Why we believe this is a game changer for traffic safety? There are numerous potentially dangerous traffic situations that call for a high resolution, wide angle sensor to capture a vehicle’s close vicinity faster than the virtual blink of an eye, e.g., right turns with a blind spot in urban areas. With a scan angle of up to 180° and our proprietary electronics and software for easy integration, Bubble MEMS® enables high resolution, wide angle LiDAR systems with a high refresh rate, excellent performance and long-term reliability. Coming at a cost affordable for standard, not luxury. To make a difference.

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long-term reliability by
hermetic vacuum packaging

broad mirror diameter range

compact chip size

high resolution

lowest power consumption

kHz-interlace frame rate

180° scan angle

ready for volume production