Bubble MEMS® for Augmented Reality

Bubble MEMS®

Protects the tech inside.

Because what’s inside brings your reality to a whole new level.

Enabling the Breakthrough

Meet Bubble MEMS®: a dome-shaped opto-package that covers our MEMS mirror, applying an outstanding principle, manyfold tried and tested in nature as well as in engineering. By creating a vacuum inside the bubble, the mirror is protected from environmental influences, ensuring robustness and long-term reliability. The perfectly round shape enables larger scan angles, an optimized field of view and less parasitic reflections. Bubble MEMS® includes proprietary electronics and software for optimal projection. The combination truly revolutionizes performance, allowing for AR products at a whole new level.
Miniature chip size, unbeaten optical resolution through Lissajous laser projection technology, extremely low energy use, high speed scanning mirror plates, completely protected. We believe, Bubble MEMS® does not only look great, it is key for the breakthrough.

OQmented Lissajous Scanning Compared to State of the Art Raster Scanning
in Time-Lapse Mode

For the display of quickly changeable images

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